Recent Case from BC Supreme Court


Shaw v. Shaw, 2014 BCSC 984

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, the BC Supreme Court website published the Reasons for Judgment on Shaw v. Shaw, 2014 BCSC 984.  The trial judge, Mr. Justice Jenkins, confirmed that parents cannot make claims for retroactive child support where the child in question has ceased to be a “child of the marriage” (meaning that the child has reached the age of majority and is able to move out or provide for themselves).  If your child is getting close to turning (or has recently turned) 19 years old, and you think you may have a claim to retroactive child support, do not wait any longer to obtain legal advice.  Once your child loses their status of “child of the marriage” you may be barred from making a retroactive claim.  A family lawyer can help you determine whether your adult child meets the test for “child of the marriage” and the strength of your claim to retroactive child support.

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